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Refund & Cancellation Policy


AntarAkt makes best efforts to provide counselling and other services in a professional manner while keeping in mind the needs and interests of service recipients. However, there may be situations where a recipient may be dissatisfied with the services and ask for a refund of the money paid to AntarAkt. The conditions under which AntarAkt may provide such refund and the terms and conditions associated with it are specified in this "Refund and Cancellation Policy". AntarAkt will not under any other circumstances entertain any requests for refund.

The terms 'You' or 'Your' refer to You as a Customer and the terms 'AntarAkt','We', 'Us', 'Company', and 'Our' refer to AntarAkt. Customer means any person who has availed or has chosen to avail services offered by AntarAkt by payment of the requisite fees.

You will be entitled to invoke this Refund Policy only as long as You are a Customer. Your right to claim refund may arise in the event of the following types of defects or deficiencies on Our part:

  • accounting error e.g. your account was charged for more than actual number of availed sessions;
  • defect in services e.g. if you found the level of services received to be defective or unsatisfactory and the company is able to validate your feedback post-investigation;

If there is any dispute as to the existence of a defect or deficiency as mentioned above, the decision of AntarAkt shall be final.

Any issue other than those specifically mentioned above, shall not be covered under this Refund Policy.

If any deficiency in Service as reported by You is curable, AntarAkt may instead of refunding the money for services, at its discretion choose to re-perform the services.

Cut-Off Date

All claims for refund must be made by You within a period of five (5) days from the date of Your receipt of services. Beyond such period, unfortunately, we can't offer you a refund.

Refund Process

You can write to us at with the subject line: Request for Refund. The validity of the claim and Your eligibility shall be determined once we receive the claim for a refund through any of the above methods. Submission of requests through any other methods shall not be entertained. Once the process is completed, we will communicate to You the extent of refund and a tentative date by which You can claim it. We try to respond to any request for refund within thirty (15) days of receipt of the request.

Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

Generally, we take about 15 days to process a refund; from the date, a refund request is approved by us. Delay in crediting a refund may be due to various reasons such as time taken by the banking process for reflecting the refund in your account. In case You have any doubts or need any information, please write back to us at 


If you have any grievance relating to the refund, please write to


A counsellor or any other AntarAkt expert gives you their exclusive time and blocks it for you when you schedule an appointment with them. It is a disservice to their time and other clients who could have used that slot for their well- being when you don't show up.

In case of technical difficulties during or at the time of the session, AntarAkt will check with their service providers. If the case is adjudged by AntarAkt to be genuine, the appointment shall be rescheduled. However, the Customer shall not be entitled to a refund on account of technical difficulties at the time of the session.

For Audio and Video Sessions, in case, the Customer fails to turn up at the time of the appointment, AntarAkt will reschedule the session only once. If the Customer still does not turn up the second time, the appointment will be treated as consumed and no refunds shall be provided by AntarAkt.

For Face-to-Face appointments, any no shows are treated as availed services and no refund or rescheduling shall be provided by AntarAkt in such a scenario.

For any reschedules, the Customer needs to inform AntarAkt at least 24 hours in advance. Unless specifically allowed by the Terms, the Customer shall not be entitled to a refund for whatever reason.

If the Customer is running late for more than 15 minutes, the Service will be treated as consumed and no refunds shall be provided by AntarAkt.